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Acetylene or Oxygen Bottle Holder with Bolt On Clamp

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Product Features:

  • Holds Acetylene and Oxygen Tanks securely using a bolt in system
  • Mounts easily using bolts onto any secure surface 
  • Is a perfect solution for Acetylene tank securement for mobile appications
  • Works on tankers, trailers, customer builds, semi trucks, and more!
  • Works perfect for large mobile welding rigs

Product Description:

This is the perfect mobile welding solution for carrying oxygen or acetylene tanks. This product bolts on your vehicle or rig easily. This product then uses a bolt system to secure to your cylindrical tank for transit. This product is perfect for mobile welders, tanker custom builds, mobile service vehicles, and more. Build the perfect rig today using our custom designed solution. 

Product Specs:

LxWxH: 12.25in X 8.813in X 20.688in

Weight: 12Lbs

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