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Trailer Dolly Pad Holder for 15" X 17" X 1" Plastic Dolly Pads

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Product Features:

  • Allows for secure and convenient storage of dolly pads on semi trailers
  • Bolts onto frame of semi trailers and tankers (Holes will need to be drilled)
  • Carries common dolly pad size of 15" X 17" 
  • Made of strong 3/16" polished aluminum 

Product Description:

This product creates a storage area to store your trailers dolly pads while in transit. This product can be mounted in a variety of places in your trailer by mounting to the frame or other structural pieces. Common applications for this product are semi trailers, trucks, cargo trailers, small trailers, and other applications that utilize dolly pads. This product is designed to carry the common plastic dolly pad size of 15" X 17".  Ace manufacturing built this product out of 3/16" aluminum for rust prevention and durability.  This product has 2 bolt holes for securement of the dolly pad. 

Product Specs:

LxWxH: 16in X 18in X 3in

Weight: 8Lbs

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