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General Components GC6003 Whale 2-in-1 Diesel Cooktop/Air Heater

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Product Details:

  • Ceramic hot plate with two flame-less burners
  • Burner chamber isolated from inside of vehicle
  • Combustion fumes exhausted outside of vehicle
  • Can also be used as an air heater with built-in convection fan
  • Total heat power: 2.2kW
  • Electric energy consumed: 1.5A at 12V
  • Startup and shutdown cycles take 3-5 minutes

Product Description:

The General Components Whale 2-in-1 Diesel Cooktop and Air Heater (Part #GC6003) is the perfect solution for cooking and heating on the go. Designed for use in RVs, camper vans, boats, and other mobile home applications, this cooktop runs on diesel, kerosene, or Jet-A fuel and features a ceramic hot plate with two flame-less burners. The burner chamber is isolated from the inside of the vehicle, ensuring that combustion fumes are exhausted outside. The cooktop also features a built-in convection fan that allows it to be used as an air heater, setting indoor temperature between 5 – 35 degrees Celsius using the controller. With a total heat power of 2.2kW and electric energy consumed of 1.5A at 12V, this cooktop is easy to use and maintain.


Please be aware that poor workmanship or incorrect installation of this unit may still allow exhaust fume leaks to the inside of the vehicle. It is the responsibility of the installer and operator of the product to take good care of the unit condition. Universal Truck Service LLC DBA Universal Truck Parts Shop and General Components are not to be held liable in any extent for any possible consequences. If you smell diesel inside the vehicle when the unit is in operation, take necessary measures immediately.

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