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Aluminum Dolly Pad Holder for 22.5" X 24" Wooden Dolly Pads

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Product Features:

  • Allows for secure and convenient storage of dolly pads on semi trailers
  • Bolts onto frame of semi trailers and tankers (Holes will need to be drilled)
  • Carries common wood dolly pad size of 22" X 23" Pads 
  • Made of strong 3/16" polished aluminum 

Product Description:

This product creates a storage area to store your semi trailers dolly pads while in transit. This product mounts in a variety of places on trucks, trailers, custom rigs, and more as long as it is mounted in a structurally secure location. Customers may need to drill holes for bolt mounting. This product is designed to carry wooden dolly pads of 22" X 23".  Ace manufacturing built this product out of 3/16" aluminum for rust prevention and durability. 

Product Specs:

LxWxH: 23' x 24" x 5.5"

Weight: 18 Lbs

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